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The Waldoboro Police Department provides 24-hour police services to the residents of the Town of Waldoboro. These services are provided with a staff which consists of a Police Chief, a Sergeant, a detective, five full-time officers, three part-time officers, and a public safety secretary. We have four police cruisers to patrol our streets and respond to calls and one police bicycle used during special events and near the schools. We also utilize an ATV to patrol the trails of the town.

Although our primary function is to maintain law and order and to protect the lives and property of the citizens of our community, we are often seen performing other types of community services. Visit our activity reports page.

Some of these services include business checks at night to ensure a shop owner has not forgotten to lock their business; working with our youth in and around our schools; checking on the elderly; delivering emergency messages when a person does not have a telephone; participating in committee meetings regarding community improvement, and many more services.

FREE Child Safety Seat Check-up

The Waldoboro Police Department is pleased to offer a Child Safety Seat Check-Up Program. Officer Lance Mitchell is a nationally certified Child Safety Seat Technician. Officer Mitchell and the Waldoboro Police Department offer his services to the public free of charge for the benefit of our children. Officer Mitchell states: "85%-90% of all child seats are installed incorrectly. I myself used to install car seats improperly. Knowing what I know now actually scares me. I have a much better understanding of what forces present themselves in the event of a crash. Children's bodies are not capable of handling these forces. Child Safety seats, if used correctly, greatly reduce the risk of injury. I want to help parents keep their children safe!"

Some people have reservations seeing a police officer for a child seat check-up, fearing that they might be ticketed for improperly using a child seat. That will not happen. "This is not a sting operation. If you come to us for a child seat check-up, you will not be ticketed, if we find you on the road, you will be".

The entire process takes approximately 25 minutes per seat. A short form needs to be filled out by the parent, grandparent, aunt, etc. Officer Mitchell requests that you bring, if at all possible the Child Seat Manual and you Vehicle's Owner's Manual.

To set up an appointment either call 832-4500 and ask for Officer Mitchell, or stop by the Waldoboro Police Department.

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