Total Votes Cast 2,222

Board of Selectmen - Term Expiring June 2013 (Vote for One):

  • Cartwright, Steve - 1,354 votes
  • Write in: Frazier, Veronica - 424 votes
  • Write in: Williams, Melvin - 13 votes
  • Write in: Collamore, Clinton - 11 votes

Article 3:

  • Shall the Town of Waldoboro vote to approve a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application for the Community Planning Grant program in the amount of $10,000, and to submit same to the Department of Economic and Community Development and if said program is approved, to authorize the municipal officers to accept said grant funds, to make such assurances, assume such responsibilities, and exercise such authority as are necessary and reasonable to implement such programs? Furthermore, the Town of Waldoboro is cognizant of the requirement that should the intended National Objective of the CDBG program not be met all CDBG funds must be repaid to the State of Maine CDBG program.
    • Yes - 1165
    • No - 915