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'Home of the Five-masted Schooner'

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Town Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Town Office Phone:

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We're located at:
1600 Atlantic Highway
P.O. Box J
Waldoboro, ME 04572

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The Select Board

Robert L. Butler, Chair (2019)

Phone - 832.4678

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Katherine W. Winchenbach, Vice-chair (2021) 

Phone - 380.2005

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Clinton E. Collamore (2020) 

Phone - 790.3114

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Jann Minzy (2020) 

Phone - 832.4774

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Abden S. Simmons (2021)

Phone - 832.6586

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A Beautiful Sunset over Waldoboro.
Our Public Library has Books, Computers, and more!
The Fire Department Demonstrating at Waldoboro Day.
An Autumn Day in Waldoboro.
A Lobster Boat where the Big Schooners were Once Built.
Wildflowers by the Medomak River.
Some of our Volunteer Firefighters.
Trees After a Snowstorm.
A View of the Intersection of Routes 1 & 32. Photo by Jan Griesenbrock.

General Election

President and Vice President of the United States (Vote for One):

  • McCain, John (Phoenix, Arizona) and Palin, Sarah (Wasilla, Alaska) - Republican 1189
  • McKinney, Cynthia (Los Angeles, California) and Clemente, Rosa (Charlotte, North Carolina) - Green Independent 14
  • Nader, Ralph (Winsted, Conneticut) and Gonzalez, Matt (San Fransisco, California) - Independent 38
  • Obama, Barack (Chicago, Illinois) and Biden, Joe (Wilmington, Delaware) - Democrat 1469

United States Senator (Vote for One):

  • Allen, Thomas H. (Portland) - Democrat 1022
  • Collins, Susan M. (Bangor) - Republican 1679

Representative to Congress - District 1 (Vote for One):

  • Pingree, Chellie (North Haven) - Democrat 1472
  • Summers, Charles E. (Scarborough) - Republican 1201

State Senator - District 20 (Vote for One)

  • Rines, Peter L. (Wiscasset) - Democrat 760
  • Trahan, A. David (Waldoboro) - Republican 1947

Representative to the Legislature - District 50 (Vote for One):

  • Pieh, Wendy (Bremen) - Democrat 1555
  • Simmons, Henry B. (Nobleboro) - Republican 1100

Judge of Probate (Vote for One):

  • Berry, Thomas A. (Boothbay Harbor) - Republican 2036


  • Question 1 - People's Veto: Do you want to reject the parts of a new law that change the method of funding Maine's Dirigo Health Program through charging health insurance companies a fixed fee on paid claims and adding taxes to malt liquor, wine and soft drinks?
    • Yes - 1728
    • No - 959
  • Question 2 - Citizen Initiative: Do you want to allow a certain Maine company to have the only casino in Maine, to be located in Oxford County, if part of the revenue is used to fund specific state programs?
    • Yes - 1155
    • No - 1542
  • Question 3 - Bond Issue: Do you favor a $3,400,000 bond issue to support drinking water programs, to support the construction of wastewater treatment facilities and to leverage $17,000,000 in other funds? Total estimated life time cost is $4,241,500 representing $3,400,000 in principal and $841,500 in interest (assuming interest at 4.5% over 10 years).
    • Yes - 1182
    • No - 1447


  • Article 2: Shall the Town authorize the Board of Selectmen to accept from M.S.A.D. #40 ownership of the buildings and property known as A. D. Gray Middle School at no cost?
    • Yes - 1894
    • No - 754
  • Article 3: Shall the Town appropriate $30,000 from the undesignated fund balance for the maintenance and operating costs of the A. D. Gray Middle School property?
    • Yes - 1547
    • No - 1086
  • Article 4: Shall the Town authorize the Board of Selectmen to purchase the property located at 19 Philbrook Lane from M.S.A.D. #40 upon such price, terms and conditions as they deem advisable, and appropriate no more than $65,000 from the undesignated reserve for the purchase of said property and related transaction costs?
    • Yes - 1306
    • No - 1281
  • Article 5: Shall the Town of Waldoboro, beginning in fiscal year 2009, submit all warrant articles, at any Annual and / or Special Town Meetings, to the voters of the Town in the format of secret ballot referendum questions and keep the polls open from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. when said Article or Articles are voted upon? Article submitted by petition)
    • Yes - 1919
    • No - 717


  • Question 1: Shall the Board of Directors of Maine School Administrative District No. 40 be authorized to issue bonds and other evidences of indebtedness in the name of this District in an amount not to exced $665,250 and to borrow amounts not to exceed that sum pursuant to the State of Maine's zero interest rate/loan forgiveness Revolving Renovation Fund Program for heating upgrades at the Medomak Valley High School, provided that the State of Maine shall forgive the State's share of the loan amount? The Department of Education has granted approval to the District for Revolving Renovation Fund loans in the total amount of $665,250. The Department of Education has agreed to forgive approximately 51.13% (up to $340,142.32) of the total loan amounts. The District will be responsible to repay approximately 48.87% (up to $325,107.68) of the total loan amounts at zero interest in accordance with State law. The Board of Directors recommends a "YES" vote.
    • Yes - 1810
    • No - 859

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