consComThe Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society has presented their Award of Recognition to the Waldoboro Conservation Commission because of its work as one of Maine’s 78 active conservation commissions. These municipal commissions are playing a key role as advisory boards and advocates for environmental concerns and natural resource protection at the local level. These volunteers provide leadership and technical expertise on behalf of the community’s conservation goals.

The Waldoboro Conservation Commission secured a grant for financial aid to develop a management plan for the best uses of the Town’s Quarry Hill property and are now starting to implement the plan; have donated a picnic table for and created recreational trails in the Waldoboro Marine Park; and are working with neighboring land owners to improve and augment the trails in the Waldoboro Town Forest. They have also provided input to the Town Board of Selectmen.

Active volunteer members of the Waldoboro Conservation Commission presently include Chairman George Keyes, Claire Bowley and Jack Farlow. A few additional members are being sought.

The Wildlife Society 2012 Award of Recognition reads in full: “In recognition of the tremendous contribution the Maine Association of Conservation Commissions and Municipal Conservation Commissions make to the conservation of Maine’s natural resources, open space, and quality of place. The efforts of hundreds of hardworking and dedicated volunteers in communities across Maine are the foundation of conservation at a local scale and play an essential role in ensuring the future of Maine’s natural heritage.”