Town of Waldoboro, Maine

                                                       Board of Selectmen Meeting

                                                               Municipal Building

                                                            1600 Atlantic Highway



                                               Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 6:00 p.m.




1.         Call to Order.


The Board of Selectmen met at the Municipal Building on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. to conduct town affairs.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kathleen Blodgett, with a quorum present.


Members present were Ted Wooster, Ellen Winchenbach, Gordon Webster, Rebecca Maxwell and Chairman Kathleen Blodgett.


Staff present was Town Manager Lee Smith, Assessors’ Agent Darryl McKenney, Shellfish Warden William Bragg, and Administrative Assistant Michael Ducharme.


     Residents present were Catherine Trueman and Delia Mohlie, .


     The press was not represented.



2.         Public Hearing(s).




3.         Approve Consent Calendar.


On the motion of Maxwell / Winchenbach, the Board VOTED:  To approve the consent calendar as follows (Vote 5-0):


                        A.        Regular meeting minutes - March 8, 2005.

                        B.        Warrants & Financial Reports:

         1.         General Fund Warrants 36 and 37.

                                    2.         Payroll Warrants 36 and 37.

         3.         Water Department Operating Warrant #50.


4.         Communications.




5.         Committee & Departmental Reports.




6.         Official Action.


A.                 Act on Maine DOT Gateway One Project Memorandum of Understanding.


        The Gateway One Project Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement to move forward with the Route One corridor preservation plan which is designed as a co-operative construction project between the municipalities from Brunswick to Stockton Springs and the Maine DOT.  The majority of other towns involved have signed off on this memorandum.


        Winchenbach feels that communication may not be adequate on this project due to the amount of parties involved.  She also expressed concern about MDOT and the various parties involved dictating how the project would progress.  Blodgett mentioned that the Selectmen would choose who would represent the Town in this project.  Winchenbach mentioned that care would have to be taken with who was chosen for this responsibility so the Town could be properly represented.  Blodgett agreed and added the same care is taken for any appointed position.  Wooster then added that we have already given preliminary approval on the project and should move forward by executing the MOU.  Webster added that we could stop participating in the project at any time.


On the motion of Wooster / Maxwell, the Board VOTED:  To execute the Maine DOT Gateway One Project Memorandum of Understanding (Vote 3-2 Winchenbach / Webster opposed).


               B.     Act on Sampson’s Cove Closure as requested by Shellfish Committee.


The Waldoboro Shellfish Committee has requested the closure of a portion of Sampson Cove that falls under the one (1) inch rainfall to clam harvesting for re-seeding.  This conservation closure will last between the dates of May 01, 2005 and October 31, 2005 (six (6) months mandated by State Law).  The local harvesters will be notified by newspaper, Town Office posters, and by the Shellfish Warden.


Warden Bragg said the decision to close the cove during this time period was made by the Committee due to the cove being closed for most of May and June due to the one (1) inch rainfall, so this would impact the harvesters for the least amount of time.  The Warden also noted there was going to be teenagers from the High School will be conducting a survey of the flats, taking samples before and after seeding, to help determine the effectiveness of the seeding.  The re-seeding will occur on the 15th and 16th of May 2005, transplanting twenty (20) to thirty (30) bushels into the area.


On the motion of Maxwell / Wooster, the Board VOTED:  To close Sampson Cove for six (6) months to allow proper reseeding (Vote 5-0).


               C.     Act on EMS Memorandum of Understanding with Town of Friendship.


The EMS Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Friendship establishes guidelines for Advanced Life Support aid between the two towns whereas it is recognized that it is financially impossible for these municipalities to maintain on a permanent basis sufficient vehicles, special apparatus, and personnel to cope with multiple or unusual emergencies and therefore beneficial for the parties to render assistance to each other for the preservation of lives.  This MOU is similar to the one the Waldoboro EMS has with the Town of Warren.


On the motion of Wooster / Webster, the Board VOTED:  To execute the Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Friendship for bi-directional Advanced Life Support aid (Vote 5-0).


               D.     Act on Town Report Publication Bids.


Bids for the publication of the annual Waldoboro Town Report have been solicited for and tallied.  The bids are for 2,500 copies, 8 ˝” x 11”, camera ready, black & white (full page photo) cover or color (full page photo) cover, based on approximately 100 pages, 34-37 black & white photos within, two-color interior text (blue and black), on a disk containing full document in Publisher 2002 with all photos provided.  The Annual Town Reports will be available for distribution from the Town Office by May 27, 2005.  Bids for the publication were read as follows:














With full page color photo cover





With full page B&W photo cover





With color text and small B&W photo cover






Lincoln County Publishing has been the low bid and has published the Waldoboro Annual Town Report for a number of years.  The Bangor Letter Shop has sent the Town examples of other Town Reports they have published and appear to be of the same quality as our past reports.  Maxwell expressed an option to use Lincoln County Publishing again in order to keep the funds local.


On the motion of Webster / Winchenbach, the Board VOTED:  To award the publication of the 2004 Annual Town Report to the Bangor Letter Shop with the full page color photo cover at a low bid of $4,297.55 (Vote 4-1 Maxwell opposed).


               E.      Act on Social Service Agency Policy.


The Social Service Agency Policy lists requirements for those non-profit organizations wishing to request donations / funds on the Town Meeting Warrant.  Each agency would be required to present the Town with fifteen (15) copies of program information including:  (1) a program description including the type and level of services provided to the citizens of Waldoboro, (2) the number of residents assisted, and (3) a list of towns contributing to the agency and the amount each provided.


On the motion of Maxwell / Winchenbach, the Board VOTED:  To enforce the Social Service Agency Policy and require all agencies to provide the Town with the preceding information for consideration of placement on the Town Meeting warrant (Vote 5-0).


7.         Executive Session(s).


On the motion of Maxwell / Wooster, the Board VOTED:  To convene in executive session at 6:50 p.m. to discuss Philbrook Fund Applications (Vote 5-0).


               A.     Convene as Philbrook Fund Trustees to act on:


      1.            Philbrook Fund Application #05


On the motion of Wooster / Webster, the Board VOTED:  To table the discussion pending further details (Vote 4-1 Blodgett opposed).


On the motion of Wooster / Winchenbach, the Board VOTED:  To reconvene in regular session at 7:00 p.m. (Vote 5-0).


8.         Adjourn.


On the motion of Wooster / Winchenbach, the Board VOTED:  To adjourn as Selectmen and convene as the Board of Assessors at 7:00 p.m. (Vote 5-0).