Town of Waldoboro, Maine

Board of Selectmen Meeting



Tuesday, February 8, 2005  6:00 p.m.




1.         Call to Order.


The Board of Selectmen met at the Municipal Building on Tuesday, February 08, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. to conduct town affairs.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kathleen Blodgett, with a quorum present.


Members present were Gordon Webster, Ted Wooster, Rebecca Maxwell, and Chairman Kathleen Blodgett.  Absent was Ellen Winchenbach.


Staff present was Town Manager Lee Smith, Code Enforcement Officer John Black, and Administrative Assistant Michael Ducharme.


            Residents present were Delia Mohlie, Russell Anderson, and Catherine Truman.


Others present were Senator Dana L. Dow, Representative A. David Trahan, Lincoln County Planner Robert F. Faunce, Lawrence P. and Janice M. Mellyn of the CHIP Program, Carol Morris of the Maine DOT, Lincoln Davis of the Waldoboro Business Association, and Amy Winston of Lincoln County Economic Development.  


From the press were Courier Gazette Representative Arthur N. Mayers and Lincoln County News Representative Kary Liss.


2.         Public Hearing(s).




3.         Approve Consent Calendar. 


On the motion of Webster / Wooster, the Board VOTED:  To approve the consent calendar as follows (Vote 4-0).


            A.        Regular meeting minutes - January 11, 2005.

               B.     Warrants & Financial Reports:

      1.    General Fund Warrants 28, 28A, 29, 30, and 31.

                        2.    Payroll Warrants 28, 29, 30, and 31.

      3.    Water Department Operating Warrant - #49.

      4.    Water Department Capital Warrant - None.

      5.    Financial Report for January.

               C.     Departmental Reports.


4.     Communications.           


               A.     Waldoboro Utility District Revised Regulations & Draft LD.


                           The town manager mentioned the Waldoboro Utility District would be having a public hearing about extending public sewers at the district office on Union Rd. on Thursday February 17, 2005 at 4:00 p.m.  They were looking for input from the Planning Board and / or the Board of Selectmen and were curious if anyone from the boards would be at that hearing or taking a position on the subject.  The Selectmen will be checking their calendars for availability.


On the motion of Webster / Maxwell, the Board VOTED:  To table until the next discussion (Vote 4-0).


               B.     Michele Langstaff vs. Town of Waldoboro (property tax).


On the motion of Webster / Maxwell, the Board VOTED:  To place the appeal to Superior Court on file (Vote 4-0).



5.         Committee & Departmental Reports.          




6.         Official Action.


A.                 Meet with MDOT Gateway One Project Representatives re: Memorandum of Understanding


Carol Morris of the Maine DOT gave an overview of the Gateway One Project and presented a Memorandum of Understanding for the project. 


The Gateway One project which began last spring, is a collaborative transportation and land use planning process encompassing the Route One corridor between Brunswick and Stockton Springs.


The challenges found on Route One for Waldoboro were:  vehicular and pedestrian safety at the intersections of Route One with Route 32, Route 220, and Depot St.; concern about strip development and poor aesthetics; need for growth without adding congestion; the dangers of having housing on one side of Route One and schools and businesses on the other; and the need for safe access management and controls.


The Memorandum of Understanding is a formal agreement to start work collaboratively with the State and other communities on long term transportation and land use planning.  In the Memorandum of Understanding there is an establishment of a public process requiring work from someone in all affected towns and work collaboratively to identify problems on the corridor and develop alternative transportation and land use solutions.  There will be up-to-date mapping for all the towns and a detailed analysis of travel patterns to figure out where the cars are coming from and going to.


No vote necessary.


               B.     Act on Jefferson Street Project.


Since our last meeting with representatives of Maine DOT, the town manager requested the assistance of an experienced engineering firm to assist the Town in an independent evaluation of Jefferson Street and to provide the Town with a professional recommendation and suggested scope of work, to provide a preliminary cost estimate to achieve the suggested scope of work, and to assist the Town with negotiations with the Maine DOT.


Chris Branch of Technical Services, Inc of Auburn, Maine was selected based on a recommendation of Robert Faunce, Lincoln County Planner.  Chris completed a site visit on Tuesday, January 18, 2005.  He presented a suggested project approach and alternative cost estimates which are currently being evaluated.


Briefly, he suggests the following scope of services based on his preliminary review:


1)         The key components of the project would be the storm drainage on the uphill or east side of Jefferson Street from School Street to Elm Street, a sidewalk with granite curb for the length of the project and replacement of the large culvert just north of Elm Street.


2)         He used this as a base and then varied the road improvements with three options between School Street and Elm Street.  The options are 1) a 2" pavement overlay, 2) reclaiming the existing pavement and base (which will only work if there is a minimum of 12" of good existing base) and installing 5" of pavement or 3) reconstructing the street and installing 5" of new pavement.


3)         The section of the street between Main Street and School Street and from Elm Street to Route One would receive a 2" pavement overlay.


4)         Some ledge excavation cost is included in the storm drain estimate, but not for the street or sidewalk.


5)         The preliminary cost estimate is for construction only and does not include money for ROW acquisition.  ROW will be necessary to install a sidewalk on the east side of the street and utility poles likely will have to be moved.


                        6)         Cost Estimate 2/8/05 Jefferson St., Waldoboro, ME


Main St. to School St. :

2" Pavement Overlay - $17,000

5' Sidewalk w/Granite Curb (West side only) - $34,000

Total w/10% contingency - $56,000*

School St. to Mill St.:

Storm Drainage (East side only) - $80,000

5' Sidewalk w/Granite Curb (East side only) - $30,000

Street:   Option 1 (2" Overlay) - $12,000

Option 2 (Reclaim w/5" pavement) - $35,000

Option 3 (Reconstruction w/5" pavement) - $60,000

Total w/10% Contingency:         Option 1 -$135,000*

Option 2- $160,000*

Option 3- $190,000*


Mill St. to Elm St.:

Storm Drainage (East side only) - $75,000

5' Sidewalk w/Granite Curb (East side only) - $20,000

Street:   Option 1 (2" Overlay) - $9000

Option 2 (Reclaim w/5" pavement) - $28,000

Option 3 (Reconstruction w/5" pavement) - $48,000

Total w/10% Contingency          Option 1 - $115,000*

Option 2 - $135,000*

Option 3 - $160,000*


Elm St. to Rt.1:

2" Pavement Overlay - $15,000

5' Sidewalk w/Granite Curb (East side only) - $28,000

Total w/10% Contingency -$48,000*


Culvert Replacement - $50,000*


Project Total for Construction - $405,000 to $505,000*


Add a minimum of 10% ($40,000 to $50,000) for construction services, including inspection and testing.


*Estimated cost does not include right of way acquisition or ledge excavation for road, culvert or sidewalk. $37,500 has been included for ledge excavation for the storm drain system. Soundings should be taken prior to the bid to more accurately determine ledge quantities.


The Town Manager recommended that the selectmen authorize up to $2,000 from the Highway Construction Account to retain the services of Chris Branch to negotiate with representatives of the Maine DOT to rebuild Jefferson Street close to what the Town would like to see for a finished product and report back to the next Selectmen’s meeting with hopefully a draft Municipal Agreement between the Town and Maine DOT for the scope of the project for construction this upcoming construction season.


On the motion of Wooster / Maxwell, the Board VOTED:  To allocate the $2,000.00 from the Highway Construction Account to retain the services of Chris Branch to negotiate with Maine DOT to rebuild Jefferson Street in a manner acceptable to the Town of Waldoboro (Vote 4-0).


               C.                 Act on Affordable Housing Study.


Amy Winston of Lincoln County Economic Development spoke about formulating an affordable housing study mainly in Waldoboro, Wiscasset, and Boothbay Harbor including surrounding communities.


She feels the proposed project presents an opportunity to formulate a coherent, long-term affordable housing strategy in response to development pressures which, left unaddressed, threaten local families and communities.


The deadlines for a CDBG Planning Grant are March 04, 2005 and August 05, 2005.  A public hearing must be held before commitment from the Town which would make it too late for the first deadline.  The Town would pay 10% in the cost sharing.  Winston also has budgeted $800.00 from special projects money to go towards this project.


On the motion of Wooster / Maxwell, the Board VOTED:  To give preliminary support and look to further understand of the project and assurance of other town’s support before committing to the project (Vote 4-0).



               D.                 Act on Referendum Petition submitted by Bill Branigan.


This referendum proposes the Land Use Committee and the Board of Appeals members be elected positions, rather than appointed by the Board of Selectmen.


The Town Manager stated that Selectmen should make a recommendation before the town meeting to the Town as to whether or not they support the implementation of this referendum.  The Board will consider their position on this matter at a further meeting.


On the motion of Maxwell / Wooster, the Board VOTED:  To authorize a warrant item for this petition for consideration of the voters (Vote 4-0).


               E.     Act on BC Housing LP Waterline Easement.


In September, the Board approved in concept the water main extension agreement between the Town and the Friendship Street Housing project known as Marble Oaks.  The Town Manager is still waiting for comments back from Aqua Maine but feels the document is in order and suggests the Board approve it.


On the motion of Wooster / Webster, the Board VOTED:  To approve the BC Housing LP Waterline Easement (Vote 4-0).


            F.         Land Use Ordinances.


Code Enforcement Officer John Black stated the final revisions of the proposed Land Use Ordinances are almost completed and will be soon ready for public hearing or informational meetings.  These meeting can be held by the Land Use Committee, then there will need to be a public hearing in May before the Town Meeting.


On the motion of Wooster / Maxwell, the Board VOTED:  To move forward with the informational meetings and schedule with the Land Use Committee (Vote 4-0).


            G.        Main Street Bridge.


A weight limit agreement between the MDOT and the town for repairs to the Main Street bridge needed to be signed so the MDOT could complete the project.


No vote necessary.


            H.        Budget Committee Calendar.


                        Please see attached 2006 Budget Calendar.


On the motion of Maxwell / Webster, the Board VOTED:  Approve the 2006 Budget Calendar as attached (Vote 4-0).



7.         Executive Session(s).


               A.     Convene as Philbrook Fund Trustees to act on:


On the motion Maxwell / Webster, the Board VOTED:  To convene in executive session at 7:35 p.m. (Vote 4-0).


1.                   Meet with Larry and Janice Mellyn, Chip Program


On the motion Maxwell / Wooster, the Board VOTED:  To authorize $500.00 to CHIP from the Philbrook Fund (Vote 4-0).


On the motion of Wooster / Maxwell, the Board VOTED:  To reconvene in regular session at 8:10 p.m. (Vote 4-0).


8.                  Adjourn.


On the motion of Webster / Wooster, the Board VOTED:  To adjourn at 8:22 p.m.